Below you can find all the information about the project. If you can't find the answer to your question, don't hesitate to contact us at info@wordpress.server.delate.app
1How does Delate work?
Delate works by tracking and verifying your route while you are on the train thanks to geolocalization with GPS or, preferably with GALILEO, and verifying the minutes of delay through the Viaggitreno's database. The minutes of delay with respect to the indicated train arrival time in the selected station is converted into Delate Points, the only currency that can be used on the app. 1 minute of delay = 1 Delate point. When a user pays a ticket to reach a certain place at a certain time, he signs a contract that is too often not respected. We have created Delate with the desire to turn an inconvenience into an advantage for all those people who daily use the train as a means of transport to reach their place of work, study or just leisure.
2What is GALILEO?
Galileo is a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), developed in Europe as an alternative to the Global Positioning System (NAVSTAR GPS), controlled instead by the Department of Defense of the United States of America. Its entry into force scheduled for the end of 2019 has been brought forward to December 15, 2016. Once completed, the system can count on 26 artificial orbiting satellites (24 operational plus 2 spare) on 3 inclined planes with respect to the terrestrial equatorial plane of about 56 ° and at an altitude of about 23.925 km. The orbits that will be followed by the satellites are the MEO ones (Medium earth orbit).
3How does delate use Galileo to improve the geolocation performance?
Thanks to the capacity of the Galileo network to enhance the coverage currently available, Delate is able to provide a more seamless and accurate experience regarding the geolocation of the user during the trip and the placement of the offers inside the app’s marketplace.
4How does Delate’s journey analyzing algorithm work?
Once the journey has been defined, our algorithm makes calls to the smartphone's geolocation system (we use GPS and if the device allows it, GALILEO for greater precision) to check the actual position and coherence with the selected route. At the end of the journey, the train's delay minutes are calculated based on the Viaggiatreno's database and the points obtained are automatically uploaded to the user profile.
5Why does Delate need my location?
Our algorithm needs to use geolocation to verify the actual happening of the trip and to improve the offers present on the platform.
6How does Delate protect my privacy?
Your privacy is very important to us, no data is shared with third parties. For more information on our Privacy Policy - https://wordpress.server.delate.app/privacy.
7Do I need to have mobile data enabled in order for the app to work?
During the route analysis phase, mobile data do not necessarily need to be active. To get any points at the end of a trip, however, we need to be able to query the Viaggiatreno's database in real time. In this case and if you want to get a good or service on our marketplace you need an active internet connection.
8Does Delate cost anything?
Delate is completely free.
9How does Delate make money?
Our profits derive from partnerships with the brands present in our marketplace.
10How do I spend my Delate Points?
You can use your Delate Points to get the goods and the services present in our marketplace. To access the marketplace you can: On Android: swipe right on the journey screen or click on the “Offers” icon along the top. On iPhone: click on the “Offers” icon along the bottom. The offers in our marketplace change based on the agreements with our partners and based on your geolocated location, so that we can always offer you an adequate choice of products. If there is something you like, click on the offer to get more information. Some offers will be on products discounted by the brands exclusively for Delate, while others will be real gifts on our part, such as shopping vouchers. When you are ready to select an offer, click on "Obtain" to purchase it using your Delate Points. You will receive a receipt by email containing the instructions to complete the purchase. In the case of goods or services offered by a brand, you will complete the purchase operation on their site.
11How many minutes are needed to get 1 Delate Point?
1 minute of verified delay is directly converted into 1 Delate Point.
12Do Delate Points expire?
Delate points do not expire.
13What if I uninstall the app and then reinstall it later? Will I lose my Delate Points?
If you uninstall the application (but you do not request the complete deletion of your account thought "Delete account" in the Profile page), you will be able to reinstall it later and access your old account using the same email address you used during the registration phase.
14How do I check my Delate Point wallet?
Once obtained, your Delate points are automatically added to your wallet. You can see your balance on the Wallet screen. On Android: swipe right on the offers screen or click on the Delate point’s balance at the top. On iPhone: click on the Delate point’s balance at the top.
15What are the daily video rewards?
Video rewards provide another way to get Delate Points, simply by watching an advertising video on the "Offers" screen. To get the daily reward, click the tab to start the video and watch it from the beginning to the end, obtaining 1 Delate Point that will be automatically added to the wallet
16I do not like any of the offers in the marketplace!?
The Delate team is constantly working to get more and more offers for the marketplace. We will try to create a balanced mix of available offers, including discounts, gift cards and rewards as interesting as possible.
17How do I delete my account?
We are sorry that you want to cancel your account, but we will do everything to make it simple and immediate. In the hope of having you back with us, you can do as follows: Contact us through the link at the end of the page. Go to the "Profile" page and click on "Delete account".
18Does Delate impact the phone battery life?
On most Android and iOS devices we have not found any problems with excessive battery usage. In any case, we will always pay great attention to optimizing this aspect.
19Can I force quit Delate?
Delate remains active in the background during the journey in order to monitor the route and the actual delay of the train. Leaving the service active also allows us to improve the offers proposed based on the place where you are. So please don't force the closure.